Thursday, September 1, 2016

thoughts for Thursday | I hate bedtime

With everything that has been going on the last month, Natalie's bedtime routine has completely fallen by the wayside. Throw in the fact that we're getting rid of paci and things have been a little bit crazy at our house every night between 7pm and oh say 5am. #sendmeallthecoffee #letsnotforgetthewine With this in mind, Brandon and I opted to try a new evening routine. 

We were going to be a strict dinner at 6:30, bath time, lotion, snuggling and books in bed, lights out by 8.  No more tv for Natalie after dinner.  We're a week into things and our bedtime routine has looked nothing like that since day 3. Solid effort :) 

Last Wednesday Brandon picked Natalie up from daycare and took her right to the park to burn off some energy. She came home sweaty and tired. That night we ate dinner around 6:30, had Natalie in the bath by 7 and lathered her with lavender lotion when we got her out of the tub. We opted to try melatonin since Nat has had such a rough time falling asleep in her room without paci. We got her dressed and went into her room to snuggle. She had a total and utter meltdown. She kept telling us she wanted to "get out of here".  We finally gave in and took her into the playroom to lay down on the daybed. The melatonin kicked in and she was asleep by 8 and I had a successful from daybed to big girl bed transfer. Everything went smoothly... until she woke up at 1 in the morning to go potty. 

I took her potty, laid with her until 2:15 (she still wasn't asleep) and then I told her I had to go to bed and gave her a kiss goodnight. She lasted until, oh maybe, 2:17 when she started to call for me again. B went upstairs to get her (which did not go over well at all) and bring her to our bed. Nat didn't fall back to sleep until close to 4AM which means mama didn't fall asleep until after 4AM. That 5:08 alarm came entirely too soon. 

Thursday through Saturday went MUCH better. Thursday she not only slept through the night (in her own bed!) BUT she did NOT have paci AND she also woke up dry. She does that every morning but this was notable since we ran out of bedtime pull ups and she was wearing big girl panties to bed. I could not have been more excited on Friday morning. 

Sunday night we regressed. It was Brandon's night to put her to bed, his first one since changing up the bedtime routine. Needless to say, Natalie bullied him and she slept in our bed that night and no one got any sleep at all. Monday night B redeemed himself and bedtime went smoothly for them. 

Tuesday and Wednesday we got suckered into our old ways and snuggled and fell asleep watching tv  in the playroom. I did it Tuesday and B did it last night. While we want to cut out tv right before bed, this has been a long week and we're not going to break bad habits over night. I look at it this way, she has been sleeping in her own bed, WITHOUT paci, WITHOUT a pull-up, staying there *almost* all night, every night, AND she is waking up dry! A few mornings she has woken up at 4 with the need to go potty and, while it makes for a tough (and early) morning, it would be worse to wake up to a child in a wet bed or worse than that, a child in our bed. So we will continue to pick our battles.

And you know what's going to happen? We're finally going to master the bedtime routine and then daylight savings is going to roll around and ruin all our hard work. Oh well, we'll cross that bridge when we get there.