Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday | Create 365 The Happy Planner

I live and breathe by my planner. B has always referred to it as my bible. I have it with me 100% of the time and would be 1000% lost without it. While I use my phone, I prefer to have a tangible planner.  I like to try a different brand of planner every few years because I am still trying to find my official go-to planner brand.  I have tried everything from generic Staples brand to Blue Sky to Erin Condren and I have to say, my Fall 2016 - December 2017 planner from me & my BIG ideas may be my absolute favorite to date.  

Seriously - how beautiful is this thing!?

Something the planner offers, that is new to me in this capacity, is extensions.  I have had plenty of planners where you could add months, and while Create365 has those extensions as well, the add-ons I am talking about offer quite a bite more. Create365 gives you the option to add fitness planning, wedding planning and, my personal favorite, home planner pages right into your planner. 

The home planner has four tabbed sections: meal planning, house cleaning, budget and to do lists.  Just an additional way to stay organized without cluttering your day to day pages. It also keeps all my lists in one place which is really nice. B and I have tons of big projects and things going on so this home planner find was pretty clutch for me. We have already made a list of the big home projects we want to accomplish the rest of the year and into 2017. I am excited to check a few of those things off the list in the next few weeks - including updating Nat's big girl room :)

While I have only had the planner a couple weeks now, I am utterly in love. If you get Michael's coupons - hold onto them! The planner is sold at Michael's for around $30 and with a coupon you can snag this beauty for about $20 (or less depending on your coupon!). Considering I spent almost $60 on my Erin Condren planner, I am calling this a total steal! 

Happy Planning, y'all :)