Wednesday, September 7, 2016

the new play-set + a nightmare

Sam's club recently had a sale on their big playground sets. B and I have been talking about getting one since we put an offer in on our current home. We have a big backyard that was just waiting to have one set up! We called our parents and Nat's aunt and uncle and asked if they wanted to go in on one for a group birthday gift.  Everyone was on board! It was too perfect! And I should have known it was too good if it was that easy.

We went online the morning of the super sale (oddly enough, the same day as the bee incident) and the play-set we wanted was sold out. I was totally bummed. B and I talked about it and since we had already decided to bite the bullet and we had the money, we might as well get a play set! We picked our runner up that had installation included in the price. Another too good to be true sign. 

the runner up: the Cedar Peak Playset
We were called by the installation company within a week. They said that they were going to deliver and set-up the play set. I was floored. I confirmed "delivery and set up?" and was assured that was the note in our account. Thursday, August 11 rolls around and the installation guy, Chris, shows up in a Camry. Clearly, he was not delivering the play set. And neither was anyone else that day. Chris gave us a business card and told us to call him when the play set was delivered.

Over the course of the next week the installation company called me half a dozen times to set up installation for a play set that had not even been delivered. Every time I would tell them that I would call THEM when the play set had arrived. I also asked if I could work directly with the installer who had come to my house. I was given the green light to do so since he had provided me with his contact information. They told me to work with him on a mutually agreeable date and then to call and let them know the confirmed date/time. Perfect! 

The play set was finally delivered on August 19.  I called Chris on my way home that day to set up installation. My sister was able to take off work on August 25th to be at my house and that day worked well for him. Easy peasy. But wait, he was having a problem finding our order in his queue. I told him I would call the company, find out the problem and call him back. After 20 minutes on the phone with Go Configure, 12 of those being on hold, I learned that Chris was no longer contracted with the company and a regional assistant manager would be out on August 29 to do the install. Well, ok then. I called Chris back and let him know that his contract with Go Configure was terminated and that another person would be handling our account moving forward. Talk about awkward. I essentially had to fire someone for the installation company and on a Friday. I felt terrible.

August 29 finally rolls around. My sister took the day off work to be at our house for the installation. I woke up with a feeling in the pit of my stomach that something was going to go wrong. I started calling the company at 7 in the morning. Finally, at 9:40AM, 10 minutes after they were supposed to arrive at my house, the company calls and said that the assistant manager was having car trouble and would not be coming. My sister drove over an hour in morning rush hour traffic for nothing. I was beyond irritated. I was told that we would be getting an "adjustment compensation" after the installation occurred. An appointment was set up on Saturday, September 3. 

The two men who were sent to install the play-set were a little rough around the edges and probably smoked at least a pack of cigarettes while at my house, but they got the job done in about 4.5 hours, were incredibly patient with my decision to move the play-set halfway through the build and created a final product that is absolutely beautiful. 

Natalie could not wait to get out to her "park" and we spent the majority of Saturday playing outside and enjoying the new play-set.  We had absolutely perfect weather for it!

So while it was such a frustrating process, and we're waiting on the final adjustment compensation, the end result was worth the struggle.