Monday, September 19, 2016

Beach Weekend | photo dump

Back in July, Mr. Jon suggested we all go to the beach for a long weekend of relaxing. His family has a house in Bethany that is absolutely gorgeous and perfectly stocked for a weekend getaway.  (Seriously, Jon's mom, Ms. Kim, has thought of literally everything. We did not need to bring a thing!) A beach weekend with my favorite people? Count me in.  As the trip got closer though, it seemed like maybe it might not be the best idea. However, with the way the last month and a half has gone, we desperately needed the weekend away. 

Thursday afternoon B went to take the dogs for their Bordetella shots at the kennel and we found out that Hank's rabies vaccine had expired about two weeks ago. Panic set in and we scrambled to come up with a back-up plan. B called around to the local vets offices to see who could update the dogs' vaccines. Meanwhile, I was picking Natalie up and mentioned it to our daycare provider, Cheryl. Cheryl then voluntold her son, Conner, to watch the dogs. I called B to share the good news. Not only did this mean we could leave earlier for the beach, we also wouldn't have to leave super early Sunday morning to pick up Hank and Gemma by 11 and the dogs would be in a familiar location. This seemed like a win all the way around. 

So Thursday so threw everything into the car and headed down to Bethany for the weekend. Natalie was such a trooper on the way down... even if we did have to stop for a bathroom break about 40 minutes into the ride. We spent the weekend playing with Mr. Jon's dog, Kilo, shooting hoops, eating all of Ms. Kim's lollipops and soaking in the last of the summer sun at the beach.  The weather was absolutely perfect and the company was even better.  

shooting hoops with Daddy :)

who wore the size 5T Nirvana shirt better?

Celebrating the birthday girl with mimos

Me, Michelle, Monique

We even managed to have family pictures done while we were there (thanks Monique!!) and I cannot wait to share some of the family pictures with y'all! I am utterly in love with how they turned out! Today it's back to reality and waiting on the final verdict about my car. Hopefully later this week I'll get around to posting about the accident.

Hope y'all had a good weekend!