Tuesday, July 26, 2016

mama and mini Florida trip 2016

Every year since Natalie was born, she and I have made a girls' trip to Florida to spend a week with my parents. The week leading up to the trip had been full of some super fun meltdowns so I was incredibly anxious about how Natalie would do in the airport and on the flight. In typical Natalie fashion, she exceeded my expectations and surprised me in such wonderful ways. She was sweet and funny and easily the best listener she had ever been. I was beaming with pride that entire flight.

Sunday night my mama made her famous chicken curry for dinner and I was in absolute heaven. It was such a nice way to kick off our trip :)  Monday morning we went to Waterside park, one of Nat's favorite playgrounds.  It has easily the most beautiful view of the intracoastal waterway. 

What a difference a year makes!
Then we played it cool in the afternoon and hung out as Ms. (Bi)anca's pool. Natalie instantly took to my parents new neighbors and I am pretty sure she would have moved in with Bianca and Carl had she been given the option... I would have too :) 

my Mama in all of her Grammer glory :)

Tuesday, my parents neighbors, Dave and Carol, took us out on their boat to celebrate my Dad's 68th birthday. We put in the water in Palm Coast and made our way up to the Mantanzas inlet, one of my favorite little beaches. We had a little picnic lunch, played in the water and then head home. It was such a perfect day.

Wednesday we laid low since Natalie had gotten quite a bit of sun on our day on the boat and she needed a bit of downtime. We made up for it on Thursday with a trip to the Daytona Splashpad. It was super cute and had really great shaded picnic tables and an incredible view of the ocean. On our way out of the parking lot, we noticed the nicest covered playground on the other side of the bathrooms. It is definitely something we will be coming back to check out :)

Friday we went out to breakfast at Oceanside Grill and I was honestly surprised at how much Natalie ate. She tends to be a picky eater when we go out to eat, especially in places that she is not really comfortable and/or familiar with. Friday evening my parents had a cocktail party so we could spend time with friends and people could come by and see Natalie. It was so much fun but a late night made for a rough morning requiring a quick stop at Starbucks for a dirty chai (and a kid's hot chocolate) before boarding the plane. 

matching shirts and drinks with my little miss :)
It was tough to say goodbye to my parents, since I don't know when we'll get to see them again, but I am so happy for the visit that we did get to have.