Tuesday, May 31, 2016

weekend recap | photo dump

You guys. The weather was absolutely beautiful this weekend. It was the first sunny weekend we have had in MONTHS so, of course, we took full advantage of it!

Friday night we had dinner on the deck.

Saturday morning we got up and ran some errands to Big Lots and Target. We mobile ordered our coffee from Starbucks but when we got there Natalie decided she had to go potty "in the coffee shop". I was a little anxious but she totally rocked it and we celebrated with cake pops. We picked up a twin mattress and box spring at Big Lots for the guest room which will FINALLY be (mostly) done this week! Then we headed to Target for odds and ends and before we left, Natalie again let us know she had to use the potty. I was beaming with pride - no accidents during this outing. This potty training thing has been going REALLY well and I am feeling incredibly fortunate about that! When we got home, we spent the rest of the day playing outside.

Water guns from the Target $ spot for the win!

B is such a good sport :)

Sunday, Nat woke up ready to take on the world at 6AM.  To let B sleep, we opted to take a walk around the neighborhood. In princess heels, of course. She is such a girly girl and I have no idea where she gets it. Sunday morning also included a trip to the park before we hit the deck to play with the water table.

oh you know, just eating raw corn on the cob :)

me and the Mr. during naptime

Monday was a more low key day since the sun really took it out of us the rest of the weekend. I had a rockstar trip to the grocery store and managed to spend under $100 but save $60. However, we did end the weekend on a bit of a sad note. Natalie broke one of her princess heels in half.

All in all, it was a picture perfect weekend with my little family and I am feeling quite refreshed and ready to tackle the work week.