Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Natalie Says...

It has been awhile since I have had a Natalie says post.  She is talking up a storm these days and always says the funniest and sweetest things. Sometimes I have to ask her where she learned so much. Girlfriend has so much personality. 

1/26/16: Natalie had stacked her Mickey Mouse puzzle pieces to make a "mountain", B had warned me that she was quite protective of her mountain but I wanted it off the floor. While she was in the playroom I picked it up and put it on the table. She came out of the playroom, moved it back to the floor and said "Mommy, I told you, do NOT touch my mountain!" Well ok then.

1/27/16: I came home from work and all of the doors upstairs were closed. Natalie proudly came into the hallway, closed the playroom door behind her and said "Look Mama, I closed ALL my doors!" 

...it wasn't too long after this that Natalie locked herself in the bathroom and we had to break the door down. While trapped in there, she knocked on the door, "Mommy. You wanna build a snowman?" Needless to say, she is not allowed to close doors anymore.

3/16/16: B and Natalie were getting ready to leave to go to daycare/work and Natalie yelled out behind her "See ya later, Hanky! I'm going to Cheryl's!"

Me: Good job baby bear!
Nat: I not a baby bear. I Natalie!

4/3/16: We walked into BJ's Brewhouse for lunch and Natalie looked around, "What is this place?!"

Me: Why are you so big?
Nat: Because I go to Cheryl's house.

4/5/16: love my little 'Bama fan :)
B: Come on Nat, we gotta roll.
Nat: Roll Tide?

4/6/16: B turned on the hall light and opened Nat's door to get her ready for daycare. Nat pulled her pillow over her head, "Shut the light. Shut the door. No Daddy."

Me: Come on Nat. Are you a helper or a hinder?!
Nat: A hinder.
Me: Where is my sweet girl today?!
Nat: She's not home.

5/3/16: Natalie and I had a chat over dinner about being a big girl...
Me: Are you a baby or a big girl?
Nat: A big girl.
Me: Well, big girls don't have a paci and big girls don't wear diapers. [blank stare from Natalie.] So are you a baby or a big girl?
Nat: hmm. A baby.

5/12/16: B could hear Natalie calling Gemma from her bedroom so he hit the speaker on the monitor to tell her that he was coming upstairs, Natalie responded "That's not Gemma! That's Daddy! Oooooh no! Where's Gemma?!"

5/21/16: My older sister and I found out some questionable news that made me upset. Natalie looked at me "What's wrong sweetie? Calm down, ok Mommy. Deep breaths."

5/23/16: I picked Natalie up from daycare and Cheryl was giving me the report from the day. She said Natalie had gone all day without an accident. Natalie looked at me, very proudly, and said "Mommy, I'm really trying hard." It was so precious because, the truth is, she really is trying so hard to be good at potty training.