Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Five

It has been one hell of a week. We are on day 17 straight of rain in the DC metro area and I am so close to going crazy... so close that we're going to work on potty training this weekend [insert blank stare emoji here]. We figure if we're stuck inside anyways... Perhaps this weather is making us feel just a little masochistic. To get in the mood for our very exciting weekend plans, I put together a Friday five for the first time in months which is leaving me feeling pretty dang accomplished this morning.

1. Emerson Grace Boutique is killing it with the bright colors and racerback tanks for summer. I cannot wait to snag a couple of these for when the weather warms up... if it ever warms up around here. If you're loving the pink and coral, just wait until you see the teal ones!

2. Speaking of racerback tanks... The Blue Envelope has started a new campaign  #projectloveyourself for anyone who has been bullied, mom shamed or just felt like maybe they weren't enough and I couldn't love this idea more. These tanks are amazing and rumor has it, they are super comfy too :)

Also, if you are looking for end of the year teacher gifts... Amanda has some good ones!

3. Last weekend we celebrated my cousin Maylin's Sweet 16 and it was the first time some of my family members were even meeting Natalie, which is crazy to think about.  It was so so so good to see my cousins. We don't all get together often but when we do, I am reminded how lucky I am to be related to such amazing, ridiculous people.

Totally stole this gem from my cousin Patty :)

4. Y'all, Starbucks brought back the S'mores frap. No other words are necessary.

5. This week is Police Week.  On Monday my sister went before the Mayor and City Council to accept the Police Week proclamation for the city she works in. I am so proud of her so I wanted to share some of what she said.
To some, this week may seem like an observed nicety, a political play of sorts. To the men and women that I proudly stand next to each and every day, it is recognition of every officer who has gone before us and made the ultimate sacrifice for their community. It's a reminder that when we put on this uniform, we come to work and do this job knowing full well that on any given day, it could be any of us.  
These men and women have and will continue to dedicate themselves to this City, this community. They spend thousands of hours away from their loved ones, missing birthdays, holidays, weekends and so much more. They weather the physical and emotional toll that this calling leaves in its wake. They see the unimaginable, and yet return the next day, because that's just who they are. No matter how long or short you do this job, you walk away forever changed by it. We are human after all.
 So please make sure you thank a police officer this week. I know I have :)

My sister and me, circa 2007
Bonus: today my little stink pot is officially 2.5 years old.

Now I am going to spend the remainder of the day googling potty training tips, pouring over pictures and videos of the last two and a half years of Natalie and trying to decide which wine pairs best with this kind of misery. Happy weekending, y'all.