Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Five | random thoughts for the week

What a dang week. I am so happy we have three day weekend and FINALLY more than one sunny day in the five day forecast! Without further ago, here are my random Friday Five.

1. So many big exciting things happened this past week. (1) My friend Jessica delivered the most beautiful little girl, Delaney Grace. I am so excited about possibly getting to meet the new angel when Nat and I go visit my parents this summer! (2) After 28 years of service, my cousin Ken retired as Captain of the Fire Department. He has accomplished so much in his career and our family could not be more proud! (3) One of my very favorite people on the planet celebrated her 30th birthday this week. Happy Birthday, Kat!

2. Monday nights just got good again. I am so excited for the Bachelorette. I really loved Jojo and wanted her to win the Bachelor, but I cannot imagine a better pick for the Bachelorette and this season looks like it is going to be ridiculous. Thanks ABC for making Mondays suck a little bit less...

If you remember, Jeans and a Tank Top had a ridiculous weekly recap of each episode of the Bachelor and I am really looking forward to her recaps of the Bachelorette. I am also loving her Bachelorette bracket. You can get your printable version here.

3. Natalie has been a potty training champ. Seriously. She definitely was not thrilled with the idea but she has picked it up quickly and is handling the transition really well. She has had a couple of accidents at daycare but at home she has been more consistent. I am really proud of her.  We haven't had any major outings yet, just down to the gas station convenience store, but we have one coming up next weekend so we'll see how we do! I also picked up a seat for the actual potty that's fairly cute so we can start working on that too.

I am hoping if we keep with the Minnie theme, she will be super excited about using the potty. She loves her Minnie Mouse potty and prefers it to others. PS - I absolutely plan to be that mom that brings the seat cover + Clorox wipes when we go out. I hate public bathrooms and I am dreading the first public bathroom experience. 

4. Taco Tuesday is my jam. We don't always do tacos - sometimes quesadillas, burritos, enchiladas. It just all depends on what we have in the pantry but it's generally a "Mexican" theme. That being said, Old El Paso's Enchilada kits are the bomb dot com. It can be hard to find them at the grocery store but when I do find them they are generally on sale so I have been stocking up :)
*Note: this is not sponsored in any way, shape or form. I just really love these kits and think everyone should be made aware of their existence.

5. Our water table from last summer was a little worse for the wear so yesterday I picked up a new table to kick off the long weekend and Natalie was beyond excited. She played in the water for a solid 45 minutes before we had to drag her inside for dinner. That little girl loves to be outside. B and I are looking forward to plenty of days spent sitting on the deck, enjoying an adult beverage while watching the Miss play.

ps - how cute is that swim cover from Target?! I haven't picked out a bathing suit for Natalie yet but when I saw that cover-up, I was smitten and knew that we just had to have that this summer. Add in that it is UPF 50+ and I was sold!

On that note, I am going to go spend my day dreaming about the long weekend, beach trips, fruity umbrella drinks and sunny summer days :) Happy Friday, y'all!