Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday | Mom Confessions

Confessions on a Thursday...

// Even though I promised to be better about blogging, things have been so crazy that it hasn't been a priority. However, Confessional Thursday is such a fun post that it's easy to make time since there is always something to confess :)

// I don't rush real potty training because I feel like it's that final hurdle before my baby isn't a baby anymore. As long as she is in diapers, I can still consider her a baby. It's pathetic.

// The idea of Natalie being our only child is a relief and also kind of sad. While B thinks we are more likely than not done, I am not prepared to admit that.

// Since being back at SGF, I have felt absolutely zero guilt about being a working mom. Am I sad that I miss out on time with Natalie? Absolutely. But I know that working and pursuing something that I am passionate about makes me a better mom.

// I really missed patient care. I didn't realize how much I loved working on the patient side of healthcare until I removed myself from it and worked on the more corporate side of healthcare. It's not always easy and it can be incredibly emotionally draining but there is no better feeling than celebrating a patient's positive pregnancy test.

// While I joke about being a baseball widow, I actually don't mind it one bit. Baseball puts B in a better mood and it allows me time to binge watch trashy tv without commentary from the peanut gallery.