Wednesday, February 17, 2016

it feels like home

When I left SGF in August, my manager Amy refused to say goodbye. She said I wouldn't last at my new job and that SGF was in my blood. I drank the kool-aid, she said. I laughed and rolled my eyes at the time, but, per usual, she was right. 

I am beyond thrilled to announce that after only five and a half months with the cancer center (pathetic right?), I am going home. I have accepted a position back at SGF doing (almost) the same job that I was doing before but with a different team. One I am already quite fond of. On the last day of February I will, once again, be a clinical assistant. A position that I love so much at a practice that means so much to me. It will be different not working along side of Dr. Levy and Jordan, but I am happy that I will get to see them both more often.

While I enjoyed my time at the hospital and I will really miss the ladies of the cancer care services team, there is something to be said about working for a place that feels like home. After going through fertility treatment, it was an honor to be able to help others going through the same thing. It was nice to be able to relate to patients on a personal level. I absolutely knew the struggle firsthand and I could not only sympathize with their situation but empathize too. I found it much easier to explain an HSG and truly calm nerves about it after going through it myself. 

I left Shady Grove not because I was unhappy with the work I was doing but because I was wanting something fresh. I thought I had done all I could at SGF and I was ready for something new, something using my degree a bit more. In the end, I was sacrificing quite a bit of my happiness in my quest for a new profession. I was spending time away from my daughter doing something that I didn't always enjoy, something that didn't fulfill me in the same way. At SGF, I could justify the time away from Natalie because I was making a difference in people's lives and I loved my work. It didn't take long before I realized I had made a mistake. I missed the patients. I missed bonding with them over the same struggle. I missed celebrating positive pregnancy tests. More importantly, I missed the incredible team that makes up the SGF practice. I am lucky that they like me as much as I like them :)

I have learned a lot about what matters to me professionally in the last few months. I thought I wanted to do the corporate career ladder thing; after-all, that's what I went to school for.  I could not have been more wrong. Patient care is definitely where I am meant to be and I cannot wait to be back where I feel like I belong, back in the place I never should have left to begin with.