Thursday, February 18, 2016

Confessional Thursday

Thanks to jury duty, I missed the kick off of Jess from the Newly's new series Confessional Thursday last week but I am here this week with my confessions!

I must confess...

// I have absolutely zero plans to really potty train Natalie anytime soon. Sure she sits on the potty from time and time and, on occasion, we have been successful, but a full potty training session is just not in the near future.

// as not glamorous as jury duty was, I almost missed my 62 mile commute to Baltimore this morning because it gave me so much time to think. 

// I am already thinking about summer BBQs. 

// I have lost a considerable amount of weight in the last six months and I need new clothes but I am feeling incredibly guilty about the idea of shopping for myself. Any other mamas out there have that problem?

// I have given more thought that I am really willing to admit to hiring a cleaning company to come in and deep clean my house for spring cleaning instead of doing it myself. 

// I felt incredibly embarrassed for Emily on the Bachelor this week.  When she was with Ben's mom, it was like watching a train wreck. 

// I also secretly loved how awkward it was. I love to witness awkward situations but I really hate being a part of them. HA!