Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Winter Wonderland Gift Exchange

When I saw that Jess and Amy were hosting a post-holidays winter gift exchange, I knew I wanted to participate. I was paired with the every so sweet, adorably pregnant Melissa from Loving Life Moore and was excited to get to know her better. We exchanged several emails and I set out to do my shopping. 

Melissa had recently posted a Runners Wish List which made things super easy and gave me a great starting point! I asked if she had gotten everything and was quite pleased to find out she hadn't gotten a water bottle. Perfect! I set off to Target and got the items together and popped by the post office and sent them on their way. I really felt like I hit the nail on the head only to have them show up at my doorstep two days later due to post office error! I was totally bummed so I set to Amazon and took advantage of my Prime account, picked out a few new things and prayed for the best! This weekend I plan to send out the other few little things I have for her!

The same day that my package to Melissa was returned to me, her package to me arrived in the mail! I was beyond excited to see what I got :) And I have to say, she is one amazing gift giver!

She got me the sweetest Valentine's Day tote (which Natalie already thinks belongs to her), a Valentine's day banner (which is already hanging proudly in my dining room), baby lips, the cutest little organizer which I plan on using for weekly meal planning and grocery lists and some bangles that I am slightly obsessed with.

I made out like a bandit :) I have already worn my bangles a handful of times and gotten so many compliments on them! Thank you, Melissa! And thank you Amy and Jess for hosting this sweet little exchange!

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