Monday, January 11, 2016

weekend baking

Before I was pregnant with Natalie, before Brandon and I bought our first home, before I even dated Brandon, I used to bake all. the. time. I used to love coming up with cupcake ideas and playing around with it until I got it perfect. I would come up with a flavor, find half a dozen recipes and then pick and choose what parts I liked best and wing it. On a weekly basis I was bringing baked goods to the police department where my sister worked. I needed someone to sample things so why not people who deserve a treat the most. Somewhere along the line life got busy and I haven't had a chance to bake as much as I would like to. Last week I made the command decision that I needed to start baking again. 

I text my sister to see what kind of cupcakes I should make. I had been leaning towards a red velvet Oreo cupcake of sorts but her office was in the mood for something with peanut butter M&Ms. Well fine then, my Oreo red velvet can wait. So with that in mind, I took to pinterest to find some recipes. There was no shortage of good ones. I pulled things I liked about each one (especially this one) and came up with something that was my own and I have to say, I am super pleased with how they turned out :)

Mini M&M cupcakes with a peanut butter frosting :)

I am having lunch with my sister today and will be dropping the cupcakes off at the police department. I hope everyone there is ready to throw their 2016 diet plans out the window because B doesn't eat sweets and I am so ready to be baking more often :)