Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday | Natalie Says...

This week I am linking up with Annie and Natalie for another edition of Thoughts for Thursday.  This week I am sharing the next installment of  Natalie Says and it is full of gems. That little girl has me laughing all the time.

12/16/15: Natalie and I were eating dinner and she held out a fork full of couscous to me and said "here mama, taste". So, of course, I ate it and said "mmm good" and she responded with a "good girl, mama". I guess we reward her for eating her meals a little much :)

12/21/15: We had two gems today... (1) We turned on the dvd of A Muppets Chrismas Carol for Natalie and on the main menu screen Kermit pops up. Natalie laughed and said "silly little frog" but frog sounded a whole lot more like a word beginning with F and rhyming with duck. B and I nearly died laughing. (2) After dinner Natalie needed a bath. Brandon was washing her hair and the water got in her eyes. Instead of crying, which is her usual M.O., she looked at him and said "easy, buddy". Where does she learn this stuff?!

12/24/15: Natalie gets to open one present on Christmas Eve. We tell her this present comes from the dogs. Before she even unwrapped the gift, she hugged it close and said "oh Hanky, I love it. Thank you Hanky! Thank you Gemmy! I love you." She is the sweetest.

12/27/15: Natalie and B were visiting NJ and Natalie woke up around 2 in the morning. She found a Derek Jeter figurine and went over to Brandon. Instead of waking him up, she opted to stare at him from 3 inches away from his face for awhile. Brandon could feel her little gaze and opened his eyes. As he did, Nat shoved the figurine in his face and said "Look Dada! A guy!" 

12/28/15: Natalie was headed up the stairs so I followed. She turned around half way up and said "no Tori, you stay". Umm... 

12/30/15: Natalie and B are running errands and she insists on bringing her blanket with her into their lost stop, Southern States. At some point Natalie puts blanket down and finds dog treats that she insists "Hanky loves these".  Halfway home, Natalie asks where blanket is. Brandon pulls the truck over and cannot find blanket anywhere. So he doubles back to Southern States and someone had put blanket over the newspaper stand. B gives it back to her and the spends the whole car ride home saying "oh thank you Daddy. thank you!" 

1/5/16: Natalie was playing a bit rough with Gemma and Gemma nipped her. Natalie cried bloody murder for a few minutes before apologizing to Gemma and saying "it's ok Gemmy. I'm sorry. So sorry Gemmy." I pointed out to Nat the Gemma bit her, not the other way around. She told me "it's ok, Mama. Gemma my bad dog." Fair enough, we always thought it was Hank. 

1/9/16: B and I were bickering in the kitchen when Natalie was down the hall in the playroom. She came in the kitchen, stood between us, put her hands up as if to say stop and said "come on, you guys, come on". Immediately we both started laughing and forgot what we were even fighting about. 

1/10/16: I brought Natalie downstairs to snuggle in our bed. She got up, walked over to my dresser and grabbed the pink nail polish. She came back to the side of the bed and asked me to paint her toes. When I finished she said "oh thank you mama, so pretty" 

1/13/16: I was getting ready to clear the table after dinner and I only had a sip or so of wine left in my glass. I finished the glass and set it back down on the table. Natalie watched me do this and said "Oh no Mama! You need more?" Yikes.

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