Thursday, January 28, 2016

the guys behind the blog: January 2016

The last couple months I have been linking up with Betsy from Heavens the Betsy and Laura from According to Laura Jean for the monthly series the Guy Behind the Blog and this month I am at it again. 

To kick off the new year, they are doing a currently post.  I interviewed Brandon a couple weeks ago when the questions were posted and am sharing his answers now so while this is a "currently" post it's not as current as if I had done it last night or this morning...

What are you currently:

Watching... Mostly sports but I enjoy "Last Man Standing"

Reading... There are a couple books that I want to read but right now mostly daily news and sports related articles. I read the New York Post almost everyday. Their headlines are typically sarcastic and witty so it grabs my attention.

Listening to... The current CD in my truck is the self-titled Turnpike Troubadours album. At home, because you like too, is Eric Church's Mr. Misunderstood.

Dreaming of... Today is the drawing for the 1.5 billion dollar Powerball. The daydreams of what you would do with that money have been a common conversation lately.

Eating... Too much. I am currently eating too much

Learning... I am currently learning how a 2 year old can consistently outsmart two grown adults throughout many aspects of life.

Wishing... Wishing for all to be well.

Obsessed with... Halls cough drops and Vitamin C drops.

Loving... Wife, daughter and family. Dogs are questionable at times due to in-house accidents.

Planning... Couple upcoming weekend plans. Nothing crazy. Hopefully making some plans around a powerball winning ticket.

You can check out B's answers for November here and December here.