Friday, January 22, 2016

Five on Friday | Random Thoughts

Perhaps I am better at being consistent with my Friday Five than I thought! New year, new me? Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

1. Weekend Plans. I was beyond excited for a girls' night tomorrow. I was supposed to have plans with my SGF girls but, in typical fashion, we had to reschedule. It seems to be our thing lately. Anyways, my friend Caitlin and I decided that we had already planned to hang out so we'd just find a new location. Her favorite cover band was supposed to be playing at a local bar so we had planned on going to check them out and probably have a slumber party. My inner middle schooler was thrilled. However, the talk of 8-12 24-36 inches of snow between tonight and tomorrow has put a bit of a damper on those plans. We shall see what happens. I am opting to remain cautiously optimistic that mama will get a night out! HA!

2. Snow Gear. With the forecast calling for 8-10 inches of snow today and another 18-24 on Saturday, I knew Nat would need some snow gear. There was NOTHING. Not a single dang little girl snowy wintry thing to be found between Target, Khols, Walmart and Marshalls. I mean, come on. I did find a pair of size 4 little boy's snow pants so Nat will have to deal with those. She won't know the difference anyways and we don't plan to let her play outside for too long since she has been sounding a little worse for the wear in the last 12 hours. I miss her little infant snow suit... 

Nat's first snow :)
3. Baby #2. I mentioned earlier this week that my mama and Nat date night has made me totally reconsider my #2 timeline. We had talked about having a second baby sooner rather than later but so many things have been happening lately that are changing our timeline. The biggest thing has been Natalie. She has been so much fun. In the last few weeks she has really started talking up a storm and making us laugh. This will sound crazy but she has been much less work and much more play lately and I don't want to change that right now. The other morning when the three of us were headed to the car to go to daycare/work, I had a moment of clarity that our family was perfect how it was and that right now is not the time. And really with all of my favorite people having babies the last couple months and one of my mama blogging friends Jen currently adorably pregnant, I get all the joys of having a new baby and pregnancy excitement plus none of the sleep deprivation. It's a win-win, for now :)

4. Resolutions. Y'all, I resolved to watch more trashy reality tv and I have absolutely done just that. It has been so nice to have a glass of wine and settle in for mind numbing television at night. It's been a nice way to decompress and I am actually sleeping better. Weird. 

I had never watched the Bachelor before. Go ahead, let that sink in. I had NO idea what I was missing. Oh my word. Add in the fact that I watch it with a glass of wine in hand while group texting with my girlfriends and Mondays end up being one of my favorite days of the week. Yep, Mondays. ps - I was crushed when Lace left the show. 

[jeans & a tank top has the best episode recaps]

5. The Blue Envelope delivers again. Y'all Mandy from the Blue Envelope is killing it lately with her designs. I ordered one of her shirts last week and it arrived on Tuesday and I am utterly in love. It's even more perfect in person and I was told it suits me :)

Also! The Blue Envelope has started a rewards program. Umm yes please. And earning points is super simple and the rewards add up super easily. You get 25 points just for signing up! If you have not ordered from this shop, you should. The quality of the clothing is amazing and the designs for seriously awesome. I live in my MAMA hoodie and I have no doubt my new shirt will be in constant rotation :)

To learn more about her shop, check out the feature post I did on the Blue Envelope.

Happy Friday, y'all! 
Here's to hoping I have enough wine for all the snow they are predicting :)