Monday, December 21, 2015


You know those weekends where you have it all planned out in your head and you're beyond excited for it and then the weekend comes and it's NOTHING like you had planned in your head. Welcome to our weekend. 

Saturday morning Natalie cried hysterically when we even mentioned going to gymnastics. We are opting to cancel the rest of her sessions. It's not worth the fight. Between birthdays and holidays, she hasn't been to (an entire) class since the beginning of November. The one class she went to, she had a killer meltdown and we left barely halfway through it. Brandon and I talked about it and between cold season happening now and winter [read: snow] in Maryland really starting in January, chances are good there are going to be quite a few closings and missed classes in our future. We plan to start her back up in April. Hopefully by then she'll be more excited for class again and we'll be past all the colds and snow.

Regardless of the tears, we had made a reservation to see Santa and I was not going to miss it. Yes, you read that right - reservation. Our mall has the option to reserve your spot to see Santa. They offer 30 minute windows starting at 9AM.  And when you make your reservation you're given a time (for us, 9:19) and they ask you to show up about 5-10 minutes before your time. It made the Santa process super easy. Well... at least the line process. Nat was not so thrilled about seeing the big guy. 

However, on the upside, we made it through the process without any major tears. So, there's that. After meeting Santa, we headed to Barnes & Nobles. Natalie was beyond precious. She wanted to sit with her mama and read books. I melted. 

Saturday afternoon the town fire department brought Santa through the neighborhood and he brought gifts to the kids whose parents signed them up for it.  If only we had known! Natalie was more excited to see Santa then and kept waving and saying "Merry Christmas". Go figure.

That afternoon Natalie took a mean nap which lasted entirely too long and she did not want to go to bed when bedtime rolled around. I took her into our room to snuggle while B watched the Cowboys game but she was out of control. I fell asleep before she did. Brandon came to bed around 10:30 and the girl was still ready to rage. 

Sunday we kept things pretty low key thanks to Natalie's late night party for one. We snuggled and watched football. My Redskins now have sole possession of first place in our division :) Granted, the division is terrible so there's that but first is first! And as no weekend in complete without a major meltdown, I have to share this picture of Natalie throwing the fit of all fits. The reason behind it might be my favorite yet: Brandon told her she couldn't play with tampons. Toddlers are so weird...

Last night was another late one for Nat and me. She didn't fall asleep until a little after 10. We have her sleeping in a big girl bed in the playroom (long story) and I am starting to think it might be wise to make the transition to her big girl bed that's in her room. I mean, with Nat's upcoming trip to NJ with Brandon this weekend, I don't see her sleep schedule getting back on track anytime soon so it's not like we can hurt anything. In the mean time, thank goodness for wine and strong coffee.