Tuesday, December 1, 2015

thoughts on holiday cards

We weren't planning to do holiday cards this year but when I realized that one of our favorite family photogs, Monique, was going to be at my nephew's 4th birthday party, I couldn't resist the opportunity to sneak in some suuuper casual family pictures.  Bonus: Shutterfly AND Tiny Prints had just sent us a bunch of discount codes so it seemed silly not to send out cards! And seriously... how cute are some of the designs this year?!


A few days before the party, I created an album using google photos and I shared it with Monique. I knew exactly what pictures I wanted to try to capture and I wanted to make things as easy as possible. Monique understands two very important things about my family: (1) Natalie is wild and (2) Brandon hates having his picture taken. Last year Monique captured some great pictures in record time using my family photo pinterest board and it was so quick and painless that Brandon left feeling quite happy with the process. I was hoping to recreate that seamless process by having picture ideas pre-selected and pre-sent to Monique to move things along even quicker! Hmm, I guess Monique understands three things about my family: (3) I am an organized control freak :)

love this family picture ideas :)
What did people do before pinterest came along and simplified finding family picture ideas?  While Natalie was really not in the mood for pictures, only playing, the day of the party, Monique did captures some of the sweetest moments! I cannot wait to reveal the final product, but I want to send them out first! I will leave you with last year's card though :)

 It's crazy how big that little stinker got in a year!