Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Secret Santa: Mommy & Me Book Exchange

The ladies from Sweet Turtle Soup, Chasin' Mason and Everything's Hunky Dorey are at it again with their sweet Mommy and Me book exchange!  This was my first year playing along and I am so happy that Nat and I got involved :)

I was excited to be given Stephanie and Connor from Wife, Mommy, Me and even more excited when I checked out her list! It was so fun putting something together for her since the books Connor wanted are some of Nat's favorites :) Nat and I wanted to include a little extra surprise to make it special. As a follower of her blog, I know Stephanie is a big Christmas lover so we included a 2015 ornament :)

Natalie and I loved getting our books in the mail!  Natalie has not gotten over her birthday so finding a wrapped gift was icing on the cake for her!

Jenny from the Chronicles of We hit the nail on the head with the bonus addition of stickers! Natalie loves them!  She has been super obsessed with stickers lately.

We have read Bear Stays Up a few times since the books have arrived!  Natalie loves telling me who all the animals are.  She is such a smarty pants!  I have been reading a little bit of mine every night and love having a glass of wine and a giggle :) Thank you Jenny!!