Wednesday, December 30, 2015

post Christmas thoughts

This year B and I agreed that we were not in the holiday spirit as much as we would have liked. I mean, don't get me wrong, we had a lovely little Christmas with our little family of three but something was just off this year. Natalie didn't really know who Santa was when we went to do pictures. We hadn't watched tons of Christmas movies with her or done really any Christmas-y activities. It didn't even occur to us until the Sunday before Christmas that we hadn't even decorated, besides putting up the tree which we didn't hang ornaments on because, well, rogue toddler. This was a full-blown, four alarm holiday emergency as Clark Griswold would say.  

So on December 20th, just five days before Christmas, I went into our basement and pulled down our tubs of Christmas things and do you know what I learned? We have nothing that is truly our own. We have things that had been given to us that just aren't quite our style. It was sad. I went back into our kitchen and told B something had to give. He agreed. We made a plan to hit up all the after Christmas sales to get decorations we wanted, that fit our decor style, and that we loved and made a promise that next year we will be ready for Christmas. 

I am happy to report that I have found some serious gems and I almost wish we could call a mulligan and go back to the Saturday after Thanksgiving when we usually decorate. I found some pre-lit garland for the mantle, a rustic Noel sign that will look perfect with said garland and a great Christmas wreath for above the fireplace. I also stumbled upon the most perfect little Christmas tree for our dining room that Miss Natalie can decorate as she pleases. 

I found a perfect pinterest project for displaying holiday cards (you can imagine how excited B is for another project!); however, I think I will do it long ways and put it in the kitchen where we keep our family rules. I think it would be super cute there! I also think I would want some kind of back to it, but I am not sure just yet.

We also have a great fence for hanging garland and, maybe even a few big red bows. Plus our lamp post is begging for a little holiday spirit - I just can't decide which style option I like the best but we have about 11 months to figure that out :)

I also have a few activities I want to do to get ready for Christmas next year too. First of all, we will watch Christmas movies every. single. night. Natalie will be at a great age for it and I think she will really start to pick up on things next year. A nearby train station has a Santa train experience that I think would be so fun to do with Nat and Tim. Plus, we will definitely be taking part in the neighborhood Santa visit. And since we have an in with the big guy (my cousin Paul), I want to host a cookie decorating party for Natalie and her friends and invite the jolly man himself to come for a cup of hot cocoa! We will have no shortage of Santa pictures next year!

Yep, next year we'll be really good at Christmas and when Santa squeezes his fat white ass down the chimney, he'll find the jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the nuthouse :)

Please tell me you get the reference.

For now, we'll focus on ringing in the new year and deciding on the perfect resolutions that maybe, just maybe, will stick longer than 48 hours.