Thursday, December 31, 2015

new year's resolutions

Every year I make a bunch of new year's resolutions and every year I make it until January 3rd before they are so over with. My resolutions for 2015 were no exception. 

I really did make a valiant attempt to bring my lunch at the beginning of the year. It just didn't last and not because Brandon didn't try to help me. I just didn't care enough. I rarely had an opportunity to take lunch anyways so packing lunch seemed moot. I failed miserably at separating work from home until I left my job and started working for the hospital. I guess I needed that clean slate to really set realistic work/life balance goals. In changing jobs though, I have been better about bringing lunch since the girls I work with now make lunch time a priority and actually have time to eat lunch. It is amazing the difference between private practice and outpatient hospital settings. The whole day is much different. 

This year I am opting to have an open-ended resolution, one that is fairly vague without any real set parameters. In 2016, I want to focus on happiness. I told Brandon a few weeks ago that I thought I was having a quarter life crisis.  I did not, in fact, save the drama for my mama. I had a minor meltdown into my glass of wine while I complained. 

I want to make a better effort to do some things that make me happy. 
So here is what I am going to focus on: 

(1) Dating. I want to spend more time with my husband that does not involve a tiny human. I love Natalie to pieces, don't get me wrong, but I married Brandon for a reason. I like him as a person. We don't go on dates. Ever. Our last date was the Turnpike Troubadours concert and that was a group outing. In 2016, I want to focus on spending more quality time with him because he makes me happy. 
(2) Watching. I want to carve out a little me-time to watch trashy quality television. After all, the Duggars are BACK! I need to stop going to bed after I finally get Natalie settled. There is absolutely no reason that I shouldn't stay up until 8:30 9 on a work night to watch a little tv. Hell, maybe 2016 will be a rebellious year and I will see 10pm on a regular basis. Dream big, my friends, dream big.
(3) Brunching. I love brunch. I don't eat it nearly enough. This could mean brunch with my husband (reference goal #1), brunch with my little family or brunch with friends. It just needs to happen more often especially since we live near so many great brunch places. I mean, I'll be 30 this year and what self respecting 30 year old doesn't brunch?! I enjoy it FAR more than dinner outings and breakfast drinks are delish. Irish coffee, anyone? 
(4) Hosting. I love planning parties and hosting gatherings. I love having my home filled with friends and laughter. There are few things better than that. It needs to happen more often and it doesn't have to be anything complicated. I see more potlucks in our future. 
(5) Fixing. B and I have a laundry list of things we want done around the house. We talk about them all the time. I am hoping in 2016, instead of talking about some of them (hello, dining room lighting) we can put plans into place to get them taken care of. I know not all of our list will be done this year, after all money doesn't grow on trees, but it will be nice to sort out maybe our top 3 or 5 and get them done.

So to recap I want to date, watch, brunch, host and fix in 2016 because I think those are things that will make me happy. I don't think those are absurd things to do more of in the new year. Who knows - maybe I can knock a few of those thing out in one day every now and then. Can you imagine? A day date of brunch, tv and home projects while Natalie is at daycare?! Be still my heart :) Perhaps 2016 will be one of our best years yet!