Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Natalie Says...

Every now and then I want to share some Natalie moments here so that I can quickly find them and look back on them. She is so funny and quirky and brave. I never want to forget any of these things. Here's to hoping I remember to write them all down!

10/10/15: Brandon's brother Evan came to visit and, per usual, brought Natalie a sweet treat: mini cupcakes. The morning after his arrival we were sitting at the dining room table having breakfast and Natalie was reading her Pantone colors book.  She was on the last page where there are different pictures and we were asking her to find things.  "Where's the monster?" "Where's the bird?" "Where's the broccoli?"  Evan chimed in and said "Where's the cupcake?" Natalie picked her head up from the book and said "in the kitchen!" and pointed behind her towards the kitchen. 

10/11/15: We've been working with her on introductions and she is embracing this to the extreme. We practice shaking hands with her and saying "nice to meet you".  We also work on saying "Hi, I'm Natalie." This morning we were snuggled in bed and she sits up and grabs my hand to shake it and says "Nice to meet you. Hi! I'm me!" She even put her hand to her chest to indicate that she really meant herself. Bless her heart :)

11/22/15: We were doing our Thanksgiving shopping and she was being my helper. She asked what was next on our list and I told her the ham. We walked through the store, she was playing a game on my phone. We got to the meat section deep freezers and I was looking at the hams. I told Natalie we had to pick a ham. She froze, said ut-oh and then threw up all over herself, the cart, my phone and the floor. Once she stopped, I started to clean her up and I asked if she was ok. Her first response: "ok, where's the ham?" It was as if nothing had ever happened. 

11/24/15: She had to have routine blood drawn. She was amazing and brave and I was so proud of her. She let the MA check her arms and she watched calmly as they stuck the needle in and drew the blood. She was patient and sweet. She thanked the MAs and high fived the staff when she was done. She didn't cry, flinch or whine. She was amazing.

12/4/15: We were giving Natalie a bath and she was pretending to be different animals. We would ask her what sound does a ___ make? And she would make the sound. Brandon asked her what sound a dinosaur makes and she roared. Brandon asked her if she was a dinosaur and she said "no, Tim is." I love that she remembers that Tim loves dinosaurs. 

12/13/15: Brandon asked Natalie if she was a baby, she said no. He asked if she was a big girl. She said no, she was a big sister. Perhaps she knows something we don't... 

12/14/15: I was wearing a shirt that a friend made me that has illustrations of the three of us. I asked her who each one was. She pointed to Brandon on my shirt and said "Daddy". She pointed to me on the shirt and said "Mommy" and then she pointed to the little girl and said "that's Nattie" and then pinched my shirt to be holding her hand and shook it saying "nice to meet you."

12/15/15: Natalie emptied her goldfish into one of her play kitchen pots and made me "soup" for dinner. She kept saying "here mommy" and "you feel better?" It was so precious.