Tuesday, December 29, 2015

mama's weekend

Because I had to use quite a bit of leave for Thanksgiving I didn't have much leave leftover for the end of the year holidays, add on that I am still the new girl and the days available to take off were fairly nonexistent anyways so I only got to take Christmas Eve and Christmas off to celebrate with my little family. I say all of that to tell you that, Brandon took Natalie to NJ for a long weekend of visiting family and this time I stayed behind for a little mama's weekend before returning to work on Monday.

Saturday morning after Brandon and Nat left I took a long hot shower and got ready for the day.  I had a big weekend planned for myself :)  First, I met up with Caitlin and Lauren for bottomless brunch and mimosas at Sugo. Talk about amazing. The nutella waffles were to die for. I am so lucky to have these gal pals in my life.

After brunch I went home and binge watched Catfish. That show is such a guilty pleasure. Saturday night I met up with three of my high school best friends: Becky, India and Kat. We went to Matchbox for dinner. There is something so special about the bond you have with the girlfriends who stood by you through the awkward high school years. I don't know that I would have survived high school without the three of them.

Sunday I had every intention of taking on a little project that B and I have been talking about for.ev.er - the upstairs bathroom. However, I didn't remember to grab a paint stick from Lowe's when I bought the paint so the bathroom project has been put on hold for now and I spent the day watching movies and recovering from Saturday. Mama really cannot hang like she once did.

Monday I left work a few hours early since I was not feeling so hot and I had a bit of a fever. I got home in time for a little bit of rest before my little family came home. I was beyond excited to see them and instantly felt better when they got home. Natalie was the sweetest. She kept saying "oh mama, it's good to see you" or "I missed seeing you". I don't know where she learns these things but it made my heart melt.

I'm so happy to have my little brood home. I missed them so much, even if it was just for a few short days. Now to get through the last couple days of work for the year!