Monday, November 16, 2015

Roar for FOUR!

It is hard to believe that my little friend Tim is FOUR! He has grown up and learned so much in the last two years and I am so proud of Michelle for stepping in and doing the best she can for our nephew. She is such an incredible aunt mama. 

Tim is obsessed with dinosaurs. I use the word obsessed because there is not a bigger word to use but even still, it feels like a bit of an understatement. He told my mom the other day he "had a dilemma", he didn't know if he wanted to be a paleontologist or an ornithologist when he grows up. What a nerd :) Given his love for dinosaurs (and my terrible fear of birds), it was an absolute no brainer that we would do a dino theme for his 4th birthday party. He knows more about dinosaurs than I do most things so you can imagine that he was VERY excited when we told him all about our plan. 
Dino theme in mind, I turned to pinterest for invitation and party inspiration. Duh. 
a tori wilkinson original :)

I found so many great ideas but between work and Nat, I knew I didn't have time to be doing too many craft projects. I recently "met" the super crafty Kelsie, owner of the sweet Etsy shop Little Michael's, and I knew she would be an invaluable resource.  She is so much fun to collaborate with! I sent her the invitation I had created and she quickly came up with the cutest centerpieces! Overall, I think his decorations were a hit :)

centerpieces by Little Michael's

The next big question was: how do you entertain 10 preschoolers?  I took to pinterest once more and found a TON of things to do! Michelle opted to throw organized games out the window and went for organized chaos. It worked out really well :) The kids played with bean bags and balloons and really wore themselves out! Tim made sure that he always included his little cousin Natalie and it was the absolute sweetest. He is such a caring little boy! I found free dino-mask printables so Michelle
 had the kiddos decorate dinosaur masks and it was super cute to see their creations and how proud they were! The party closed out with a pinata which was a big hit (no pun intended).  

think my small friend might have had the best birthday ever :)

Happy Birthday, Timothy Nicholas! 
Uncle B and I are so proud of the little man you are becoming!

For more Dino party pinspiration, check out my Roar for FOUR pinterest board!