Monday, November 23, 2015

Oh TWO-dles

I have been planning Nat's second birthday party since the day after her first birthday party. I kid... kind of. I love party planning for that little peanut. She brings so much happiness to my life and I love to plan ways to celebrate her. This was no exception.  

B and I were torn on what the theme should be - Minnie, Sofia, Doc, oh my! Then I saw Chelsea's pictures on instagram from Emerson's 2nd birthday and a theme was decided: Minnie Mouse/oh TWO-dles! It could not be more clever or more perfect!  And in the last month, Natalie has become even more Minnie-obsessed which reaffirmed our decision to go with this theme.  Pinterest was a wealth of incredible ideas and her party came together quickly and super easily!  Prepare for a picture stuffed post!

I was excited to create her invitations and milestone board this year.  I outsourced those things last year and while I love the shops that I used and working with them, I wanted to do things myself this year - especially since I have discovered picmonkey.  I was so thrilled with how things turned out! With everything going on with Thanksgiving prep and party planning, I didn't get the chance to print her milestone board. Total fail!

The menu came together more easily than any other party we've ever had. Since we went with the Minnie theme, we rolled with the hot diggity dog bar. It was super easy, super inexpensive and fun! 

PS - how cute are these Minnie ears complete with pink bow from Big River Crafts

The decorations were exactly how I envisioned them.  While some (Brandon) may say that I went a little over the top, I had so much fun crafting for her party.  I died a little bit when the Minnie/Mickey ears from Favors and Crafts arrived.  Too stinkin' cute.

I did quite a bit of research on toddler party games and found some super fun stuff. I was a little nervous about finding fun age appropriate things but was pleasantly surprised with what I came up with! I put Brandon to work to make my dreams come true and he far exceeded my expectations! He made a super cute Minnie themed bean bag toss game! I found these great cornhole bags from the Crazy Cornhole Company on Etsy (shocker, right?) which were super fun and while a bit themey, I love them anyways :) The kids played with it a little bit but overall just played with Nat's toys. Either way, I think they had fun!

The birthday girl's outfit was so fun to put together! Last year I crafted her tutu myself, this year I opted to shop Etsy. I didn't want my living room to look like a stripper slept over again. I am pretty sure the new owners of the townhouse are still finding glitter! Liz from My TuTu Cute Boutique had the perfect Minnie themed tutu and I could not pass it up! I paired it with the TWO shirt I already purchased from The Blue Envelope and it was perfect!

Overall, I think the birthday girl had a great day :) I know we did!

To see more party inspiration, check out my oh TWOdles pinterest board!