Friday, November 27, 2015

Natalie's shop small wish list

How is it already black Friday? I mean, seriously, where has this year gone? I feel like we'll blink and it will be Christmas.  So in the spirit of the season (and consumer holiday), I want to talk about Christmas shopping! If we've met or you've read the blog for any amount of time, then you know how much I love shopping small, especially mom run, shops.  This year my plan is to get most of Natalie's Christmas gifts from small shops. Here are some of the shops and things we have our eye on this holiday season!

one // two // three 
four // five 
six // seven // eight 

Of course, if Nat is getting that Maverick shirt, you can bet that Daddy will be Goose :) What are some of your favorite small shops? Unfortunately, I know some of these small shops have already wrapped up Christmas orders but that won't stop us from keeping our eyes on our favorite items :) 

Who do I absolutely need to check out and shop this holiday season? 

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