Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is my absolute favorite day of the year! The mimosas are flowing, the house smells so good and our home is filled with the sounds of family and friends laughing and talking. I don't think it gets much better. This year I have so many things to be thankful for!

1. My amazing husband. What a wild ride we've been on, Mr. Wilkinson. I cannot imagine doing this with anyone else. I am so thankful for your compassion, patience (especially when I get into my deep cleaning, furniture moving moods), generosity and love. You are an incredible husband and an even better father. Natalie and I are so lucky to have you. You are the peanut butter to my jelly and the champagne to my mimosa :)

2. My spunky, sassy, two year old.  I gushed about her a couple weeks ago on her birthday and I am just so lucky to be her mama.

3. Our home. We have only been in our home since March and it is amazing the number of memories we have already made. I am so excited for our first holiday season in the house and am looking forward to one day bringing home another Wilkinson there. Brandon and I agree, it is absolutely the house we were meant to be in.

4. Friends. I really do have the best ones around. From my work friends, my high school girlfriends, my college loves and my mom blog/small shop friends - I am blessed to have some of the most compassionate, supportive, hysterical and genuine people in my life.

5. Family. I lucked out when it came to family. They are all a little weird but I am lucky that they are mine. I wish I got to see my parents more but it makes our visits that much more special. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder :) and me more appreciative of the time I get with them! This year, I am particularly thankful for my brother in law, Evan. He is easily one of our favorite visitors we have. Not only does he make us laugh until our sides hurt, he loves doing yard work and DIY projects with us and this year he has done 99% of the work on my car from oil changes to replacing my serpentine belt. I am lucky to have him! We really love having him around and Natalie really loves her time with Unkie :)

6. YOU! I am so thankful for this little blogging community. I have learned so much from the mamas whose blogs I follow. I have gotten so much support from people who follow my blog. And this year, I have made a few more blogger friends and I am so thankful for that.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! 
May your blessings be plenty!