Friday, November 6, 2015

happy Friday y'all

Hallelujah! It's Friday! Sweet sweet Friday. This was the kind of week where I thought it was Thursday on Tuesday. Woof.  Here are my Friday favorites...

1. Starbucks red cups are back! Bring on the holiday season :)

2. Speaking of the holiday season... this post from Happily Ever Parker had me feeling all the feels this week.  Everything seems a little brighter when you're a parent - especially holidays. I have always loved Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I feel like I enjoy them even more now that we have Nat to make memories with.  I loved making pumpkin cookies with her last weekend and I cannot wait to decorate Christmas cookies with her in a few weeks :)

3. Lunch dates with friends. I made some incredible friends when I was working at SGF and it's a bummer I don't get to see them as much as I want to. This week I got to have lunch with one of my absolute favorite pharmacy reps, Brian. It was so good to see him and make him look at 5326 pictures of Natalie while we got caught up :) He is such a good sport.

4. Gymnastics continues! Last week was the last class of the fall gymnastics session. We are so excited to have Natalie signed up for the winter session.  This term will last until January 23rd. Nat picked things up so quickly in the first session and I have no doubt that this next session will be just as fun!  We love Ms. Tammy and Nat really responds to her!  It will be so much fun to see how much she learns and grows over the next 12 weeks!

This weekend we are going to see the Turnpike Troubadours in Silver Spring :) I am so excited to be seeing them for the fourth time and I am excited to be dragging my friend Caitlin to see them for her first time. She'll be in love in no time.  Brandon's friend, Scott, is coming down for the concert and Brandon's parents are coming down to watch Natalie.  All in all, I think we have a fun weekend ahead of us! 

Hope y'all have safe and fun filled weekends too!