Friday, November 13, 2015

happy birthday, sweet Natalie

Today, I woke up with a two year old in my bed.  I guess technically she won't be two until 6:18 tonight so I can hold on to her being under two a little while longer :)  Where did the year go? Better yet - how have the last two years gone by so quickly?!  I feel like I blinked and she is this sassy, smart, walking, talking, functioning human being. She is compassionate and sweet. She is funny and goofy as all get out. She loves with her whole heart. She is brave and adventurous and more independent than I am ready for her to be. She is serious but silly. She is polite and thoughtful.  Even when sick, she always wears a smile on her face. 

There are a million words to describe that little girl and soon little won't be one of them.  This mama needs time to slow down because I am just not ready for her to be so big. 

Happy Birthday, Natalie Grace.  Mama and Daddy are so proud of the little lady you are becoming and we cannot wait to celebrate you next weekend!