Monday, November 9, 2015

but I'm not ready for Monday

I am most definitely not ready for it to be Monday. Not a little bit. Not at all.

Saturday night, Brandon and I went to see one of our favorite bands, the Turnpike Troubadours, with our friends Caitlin and Scott. If you're into red dirt bands from Oklahoma, I highly recommend checking them out! Before the concert, we grabbed dinner at a local pub and ran into the lead singer, Evan Felker. He is super dreamy and Brandon made a point to tell him I thought so. Talk about embarrassing... But, as Brandon pointed out, he probably gets that all the time! The Black Lillies, an Americana band from Knoxville, opened for the Troubadours and it was our first time hearing/seeing them and I really enjoyed them. Excuse the red eye, not really sure what that's all about...

It was my first night really going out since Natalie was born and it was a big lesson in "mama can't hang like she used to".  On Sunday, I thought I might die from my hangover but Natalie had a little hangover of her own from playing so hard with Nanny and Farge so our day was full of pajamas, tutus and snuggles. I could not have been more thankful for that. 

We did manage to make it outside to play and the kids from the neighborhood all ran around in our backyard. It was the first time that had happened and Natalie was so excited! It was precious to see her play and make new friends. Not sure her introduction of "hi. I'm me!" helped her out, but it was cute nonetheless. After everyone went home, Nat wasn't ready to go in so we colored with chalk on the deck for a little bit.

This morning, none of us were really ready for the weekend to be over.  I am not even sure that my hangover is 100% gone just yet - like I said, mama really cannot hang like she used to! Nat wasn't up for starting the week either and when I went to get her up she kept saying "no no Mama, we snuggle".  The only way to get her up without a fight was to ask her to help me in the kitchen.  She loves pulling up the step stool and helping us cook.  So Nat helped me prep the chicken noodle soup in the crockpot before we left for daycare/work. She really is the best little helper :)  

Here's to hoping we have a quick, easy week leading up to Nat's big day!  I cannot believe we're in her birthday week! Eek!