Thursday, October 1, 2015

thoughts for thursday: debating a new endeavor

For quite some time now, I have been debating tackling a little project that I enjoy doing and turning it into a way to make a little extra cash for my family. [Read: possibly help me get one step closer to being a SAHM.] Now that we are more than settled in the new house and we are settling into a new routine, this has been on my mind more and more.  

I have gone back and forth debating the merits of opening an Etsy shop doing printables of birthday milestone boards, invitations and other cute prop signs.  I might consider printing them myself before shipping but it would depend on demand overall.  I ordered Natalie's birthday milestone board from Etsy last year before I discovered that not only could I have done it myself, but I am actually pretty good at them :)

Earlier this year I created birthday milestone boards for two of my friends for their little ones' first birthdays.  I really enjoyed not only making the boards but knowing that those mamas will forever have that board highlighting their little one's first year.

This year, instead of heading to Etsy to purchase invitations like I have in the past, I opted to design Natalie's birthday invitations myself and create a corresponding milestone board. I have to say, I am super excited about how it turned out.

Maybe I am tooting my own horn a bit, but I think I am pretty good at this!  Regardless of how good I think I am at this, will other people agree? And how much demand is there for something like this?  Thanks to pinterest there would appear to be quite a bit, but how does one go about making something like this a reality?  I have done some research when working with the momtrepreneurs I feature on my small business spotlight posts and that has given me some insight into how to make this come to fruition, but I think I might need to really pick the brains of the owners of a few of my favorite shops (Mandy, Chelsea - consider yourselves warned!) for a little encouragement and to figure out if this is really something worth pursuing!

We shall see what the future holds :)

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