Thursday, October 29, 2015

thoughts for thursday: auction recap!

I have a million and one thoughts, feelings and emotions running through me about the auction now that (just about) everyone has finally paid their invoices.  I had never done anything like the auction before and I was excited to take it on.  I went into the process knowing it was going to be a TON of work.  I was not surprised to discover that it was actually a ton and a half :)  I could not have done this without so many people.

First, I want to thank the Denton Family for letting me share Abigail's story with everyone.  She is an absolutely incredible little girl and I think we can all learn so much from her about strength, perseverance and hope. 

Second, I want to thank my husband. He has probably heard more about the auction than he has ever wanted to :) He was my little cheerleader and supported my decision to take this on while understanding just how crazy it was to do.

Third, I want to thank the eighty-nine incredible vendors who donated to the auction. These small shop owners from across the country came together to help a family in need. How freaking cool is that? It was so much fun working with and discovering new shops and making new friends. I was floored by the generosity of these amazing people. Talk about something that will restore your faith in humanity during a time when the world is so ugly.

I want to especially thank Mandy from the Blue Envelope, Chelsea from Emerson Grace Boutique, Sara from Kokadoodle3, Kelsie from Little Michaels and Jessica from Isla and Lily. When I reached out to get their thoughts on the auction, all five of them jumped in and said they would help. They are truly incredible mamas and I am so happy to know them!

Finally, I want to thank my fellow mama bloggers who spread the word about the auction. I am so lucky to be part of such a great little community of bloggers. I cannot thank Laura from Happily Ever Parker, Val from This Whole Mommy Thing, Jen from Baking Baby Brown, and Ashley from Being Brickner. These mamas have such big hearts (and really cute blogs too)!

Overall, the auction was a huge success! I am pleased to announce that we raised over $1400 for the Denton family!  I have even had people ask when we'll be doing another one! While there are no solid plans just yet, it is something I am debating :) 

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