Friday, October 30, 2015

happy Friday y'all

I could not be more relieved that it is Friday. Seriously. Natalie has become the captain of Team No Sleep and that makes this mama the driver of the struggle bus. Beep beep. Here are my Friday favorites.

1. The new taco emoji for iphone. It is a little bit embarrassing how excited I was after doing the latest update to find this emoji. I felt like Apple had created it just for my birthday. I have already used it an alarming number of times.

2. Mommy and Mini lavender bracelet set from HBunnie Creations.  Brandon got this set for me for our anniversary but it arrived on my birthday which I loved. I love that Natalie and I will not only have matching bracelets, but she will have a visual reminder of how much mama and daddy love her :) Talk about precious!

3. Wind & Fire October birth stone bangle. My in-laws got this for me for my birthday and I am obsessed. It features a pink charm characteristic of the pink tourmaline birthstone and I love it. I also love the company mission. The bracelets are 100% made in the USA of reclaimed products and a portion of the proceeds from sales go to charities supporting children with special needs. How can you not get on board with that?

4. Small shop features. I have decided that over the next couple months I will feature a small shop each week leading up to the holidays. I think it's important to support small family run companies and I am excited to share some of my favorite shops with y'all :)

5. Halloweenie. What y'all thought I wasn't going to talk about it? While it used to be my least favorite holiday, having a little one really changes that. I am beyond excited to see her dressed up as Sofia tomorrow and I have a fun dinner planned too! Be sure to follow along on instagram (@becomingthewilkinsons) to see all our Halloween fun :)

Happy Friday y'all! May your weekends be filled with family, friends, food, fun and, especially for me, good sleep!

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