Thursday, September 24, 2015

thoughts for Thursday: the "treat yourself kindly, mama" pact

A few weeks ago I wrote about a few of my most desired items from my personal Amazon wish list in a blog post.  These are things that I would love to have but, in the past, would probably not actually buy for myself.  I put it out there for the world to read that I would definitely take the time to get things for myself, but even after I published it, I felt guilty because it seemed like a lie. As a rule, I don't really buy things for myself. I buy for my family, especially for Natalie.

I started my new job about a month ago so I took to the outlets to find some new pieces for my work wardrobe. I did not make it through that shopping trip without a visit to Carter's and Oshkosh to pick up things for Nat. A couple weekends after that I was returning items to the outlets and took that money and spent it on Natalie to tie up some loose ends of her fall wardrobe.  Then, last week, it happened, I stumbled across an article from Scary Mommy that resonated with me so deeply.  I reflected on my recent shopping trips and found that on every shopping trip I went on, I ended up getting something for Natalie. If clothes did fit me the right way, I got her things instead because everything fits her and looks great on her.

So now, I am making a mama pact: the "treat yourself kindly, mama" pact. It's time that I start making a conscious effort to do something for myself before I let myself go completely on the personal end of things.  I can only play the double life of put-together-working-mama vs slumming-it-on-the-weekends-needs-a-hair-cut-and-her-brows-did mama for so long before the slumming it side takes over and people begin to question my sanity... like they're not already. I am sure Brandon sleeps with one eye open from time to time.
So here it is.  My personal vow to myself that I am putting out there for the world to see. I vow that once a month I will do something just for me.  I will take the time to get a nice hair cut or a pedicure or my eyebrows done.  I will find something on my Amazon wish list that I want and get it for myself.  I will splurge on the so totally unnecessary that they feel almost necessary boots I have been eyeing for YEARS. (After creating a budget plan for them, of course.) Honestly, I need to stop thinking that doing one special something a month just for me is selfish. I mean, let's be honest, before babies, this is the norm for women every. single. weekend. and nobody bats an eye. 

When did taking care of yourself and making yourself happy become selfish?! 

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