Wednesday, September 23, 2015

shop share: Bebe Bird Shop

This month I am featuring a recently discovered little gem: Bebe Bird Shop run by super mama Meghan!

What is the name of your shop and how did you come up with it? 
The name of my shop is Bèbè Bird Shop. I have always loved cute, little birds and actually called my twin sons "baby bird" when they were infants.

What do you make in your shop and how can we find you? 
Currently in the shop, I have top knots, drool bibs and blankets. In the near future, I plan to add crib sheets, beanies, leggings and paci clips. 

You can find me on Instagram @bebebirdshop or 

Tell us a little about yourself and your family.
My family consists of my husband and our twin sons that recently turned two. We live in Rock Hill, SC (a suburb of Charlotte). We actually just made the transition from living in Charlotte to Rock Hill due to my husband's job (paramedic). Currently, I work as a part-time ESL teacher in a nearby school district. This is my 6th year teaching and my first year that I am working part-time. I decided to work part time to spend more time with my sons. They are fraternal twins that are totally different! Rohan (pronounced Rowen) is very social and Kade is more reserved. Another reason I decided to work part time was due to my son Kade's development delays. He is almost a year behind is brother; however, he is showing progress with therapy. We love spending time outdoors and exploring the area; especially fall activities!

How did you get started?
After my boys were born, I decided to take up sewing during my maternity leave. I first starting making items for the boys and for friends. A family member saw potential and suggested I open up a shop. Sewing is a past time in my family; however, I only recently started sewing. It is something I love to do and hope to pass down to my children.

Does anyone help you with your shop?
Right now, I am the only one running the shop. From ordering, cutting, sewing, packaging - I do it all!

What is your favorite piece in your shop and how did you come up with it?
I have two favorite pieces - the drool bib and swaddle blanket. The drool bib has been so convenient for my boys. They match their outfits, look trendy and due to the snap in the back, the boys cannot rip it off. In addition, the organic bamboo backing is so soft on my boys' skin. The swaddle blanket is another favorite because it is a classic item for any baby. This is one of the first items I started to make because I couldn't find trendy fabric choices at my local stores.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I love looking at blogs and fabric websites to see what is new. I love prints that are classic but trendy. In addition, I like to make things that are convenient and functional.

Where do you see your shop in the future? What are your aspirations for it?
I would love to add more items to the shop and continue making items for little ones. Each item I make is made with passion, as I would make it for my own children. I would love to do more collaborations with other shops too in the future.

Any advice for other small businesses or momtrepreneurs? 
My advice would be to do your research on market place websites (etsy, big cartel, shopify, etc.), fabric and marketing products. The right website, fabric and marketing skills can really improve your business. I'm still learning every day!

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