Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Natalie's Lit List Wish List

It is no secret that the little miss loves to read. It is for that reason that I keep a running Amazon wish list of all of the books I find that I want to add to her library. It makes ordering books super easy and it also makes it so that gift buyers in her life know what books she doesn't have yet!  These are the books we are most looking forward to adding to our library in the coming months!

one // two // three
six // seven // eight

While I know that some of these will appeal to Natalie sooner than others, the stories are all so sweet and so fun!  I am particularly excited about the BabyLit and Les Petits Fairytales books. I love a good board book that she can take in her crib with her for morning reading.  I also cannot wait to get the Tiniest Mermaid.  It is one of probably 10 mermaid books I have found but this one is at the top of my list!  Somehow being a girl mom has turned me into a lover of all things mermaids, ballerina and flamingo :)  Although, it may also be that my father-in-law's love of flamingos might be rubbing off on me!  

What are your favorite books for the little ones?

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