Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday favorites

Phew! Things are finally settling down and we are finally getting into the rhythm of a new job + new school year.  It has been quite the adjustment.  While I can sleep in later, which is absolutely lovely - 45 extra minutes of sleep is beautiful, it was throwing a curve ball to Brandon because I was crashing his morning routine.  Slowly but surely we're working out the kinks and Natalie is just rolling with the punches. We're lucky she has been so flexible and forgiving of the last few very crazy months!

1. Fall weather. I am absolutely loving the cooler weather we have been having lately. I cannot wait to pull all my boots out of hiding and layer up with infinity scarves or a perfect hoodie. You can bet that this mama all day everyday lightweight hoodie from Little Arrow Co. will be making it's way into my life in the near future!

2. Gymnastics Class!  Last weekend was Natalie's first class and I am beyond excited for another class tomorrow!  This week Brandon is participating with her and I cannot wait to see them running and playing together :)

3. Toddler Boots. I wanted to find a fall slip on shoe for Natalie for daycare so I went to Target.  While they had the most adorable little slip-ons (and on clearance too), I absolutely 1000% could not pass up these boots.  I died a little bit. I even sized up so that she would be in them all fall and winter. I played it smart :)

4. Pumpkin Everything. I picked up some pumpkin fudge (yep, amazing) last weekend at Gaver Farm and felt a little bit guilty because it wasn't quite fall yet, but now that it is officially fall, I will not be holding back!  In fact, I have finally had my first pumpkin spice latte of the year - heaven.  Huffington Post recently had an article with recipes to a bunch of PSL inspired items and you can bet your bippy we'll be trying some of them soon!  If you know of something pumpkin that I need to be trying, please let me know and comment below!

Happy Friday, y'all!

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