Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Florida Fun August 2015

As I had mentioned before, I took Natalie to Florida to visit my parents for a week before I started my new job.  I try to make it to Florida once a year to visit them and with the new house and everything we've had going on, I didn't think it would be possible this year.  Somehow the stars aligned and I was able to do it and I am so happy I was able to sneak in another trip with Natalie before she turns two (aka before I have to pay for her ticket)!

I was extremely anxious about flying with Natalie and without Brandon but she was a total champ on both flights. I am so proud of her! I posted a toddler travel guide before I left and all of those things definitely came in handy and made for a smooth trip!  I had more than one person stop me to tell me what a great traveler she is! And she was polite to boot! As we got off the plane, she thanked the flight crew on both flights. It was absolutely adorable!

The week was filled with beach trips, pool dips, long walks, snuggles and good food.  All the right ingredients for a wonderful vacation with my mini me :) We even snuck in a trip to Daytona to pick up a little something for Dada! Brace yourself for a Florida trip photo purge.

someone loves her Grandma :)

She was totally Grandma's little buddy :)

Twinning in our Emerson Grace Boutique tanks

At Daytona National Speedway

my little beach babe :)

the sass is unreal with this one...

While we definitely missed Dada for a week, I loved being able to spend that time with my parents. Natalie had changed so much since they had seen her in April/May that it was fun for them to see her again this year. We probably won't get to see my parents again until 2016 and I can only imagine how much different she will be then!

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