Monday, August 10, 2015

weekend wrap-up

Exhausted seems to be a new trend for me the past few days and I don't even get to snuggle a tiny little infant to justify how tired I feel. What the fudge.

Thursday night I babysat my nephew which meant not getting home until 2AM.  It made for a long workday.  When I did get home, Natalie was all about mama.  While it is nice to be her favorite person in the entire world, it is exhausting.  I was unable to pee without her wanting to hold my hand.  If I even left her line of sight, all hell broke loose. As if being tired wasn't hard enough on a Friday night, she decided to keep it interesting too.  She was attempting to jump while trying to run and yell "MAMA'S HERE" - something we quickly learned she could not do - and she fell and bit her tongue. Not all the way through, but enough that we had plenty of tears and blood and no sleep for another night.  I will say that I cried far longer than she did. She stopped crying and bleeding within 3-5 minutes of the incident happening - I am pretty sure I could still get some tears flowing over it.

Saturday we ran some errands but kept things pretty low key.  The mom guilt was getting to me something serious.  The little miss lived off apple sauce, homemade v8 fusion popsicles (a full serving of fruits and veggies in each one!) and love.  I spent most of the afternoon trying to get Natalie to show me her tongue.  We sunk so low as to offer her ice cream in order to get her to open her mouth long enough to snap a picture. 

Neither of those pictures really do this injury any justice, but I could not get Nat to give me a good one!  She was far more interested in playing the "look what I can put in my hair" game. And, for once, I totally played along because, well, mom guilt.

"where's the chip?"
Sunday morning was filled with snuggles, a trip to target and playing with puzzles. Sunday afternoon was filled with gross diapers, lots of tears and one very cranky baby who wanted to play until 11:45PM. Which is more than FOUR hours after her bedtime. Needless to say, I don't think I will ever recover from Thursdays late night. 

Here's to hoping this week goes as quickly as the time I spent sleeping last night and the little miss starts to feel better!

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