Thursday, August 13, 2015

thoughts for Thursday: traveling with a toddler

I may have hit a whole new level of crazy.  Instead of taking a few days off between jobs to be eat bon-bons, get my nails done, catch up on trashy tv and sleep late (HA!), I am taking Natalie to Florida to visit my parents. When I called my mom to tell her I had accepted the position at the cancer center, we were talking about my last day at SG and what my plan was going to be. I told her I was thinking about taking a few days off. She checked her calendar and the stars had aligned: they would actually be home.  I knew I had to take advantage of my time off and the fact that Natalie can still fly for free and get to Florida to see my parents.  In the five years since my parents moved to Florida, I have only gotten to see them twice a year, three times if it's a good year.  It's hard but it makes our visits even more special.

All mushy gushy aside, to say that I am super anxious about this trip is an understatement. I was a full blown crazy lady watching the flight prices before I booked. And now that the tickets are purchased, I have been obsessively making lists and planning. If it wasn't still a little over two weeks away, I would be packing already. I can't help it - planning is my coping mechanism. Poor Brandon. That man is a saint.  I don't know how he puts up with my pre-travel anxiety. To top it off, Natalie is at a tough age to make a solo plane ride and I am trying to do everything I can to feel as prepared as possible.

I have vowed to channel Megan B from Willow & Co in order to get through this. She travels often from Texas to Maine with her mini and that's an 8 hour trip (4 hour plane + 4 hour drive).  I only have to make it on a 2 hour flight.  I can do this. I am taking a few ques from Megan's carry on for Liv and am going to be planning accordingly.  

I am in hopes that I have unlocked the secret to a good flight with Natalie. She loves to color so hopefully having the color wonder paper (especially her girl, Sofia, on it) and the doodle pad will help distract her. I recently saw the traveling alphabet flash cards on another mom blog and thought they could be fun. Natalie loves learning and since she won't be seeing them before the flight, it will be a good surprise. The shape sorter is actually not for the flight unless we have a serious meltdown but she has recently become obsessed with the one she has at home so this was a great find.  I also plan to have more snacks than necessary in a cute new snack cup with matching sippy. Another fun little surprise for the flight. JetBlue has in-flight DirecTv which means Disney channel and (if we're lucky) Disney junior! If not, there is in flight wi-fi and I have the watch Disney junior app on my phone!

Here's to hoping we have a smooth flight down there (and home), a week without too many tantrums, a good visit with Grandma and Pop-pop and mama can get a tan!

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