Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday: dining room sneak peak

Well, our dining room is looking a lot more finished and I am so excited to share a sneak peak of it :)   This room went from a huge empty space to really feeling like home. 
Like I said, it was a big open empty space.  Those are the original floors.  While I was unsure about them at first, I quickly fell in love with their unique charm.  When figuring out what to do with this room, we were concerned that it was too big for a formal dining room.  After much discussion, we found that with the right table, the fireplace and the addition of Natalie's play table by the window, the space was just right.  

While it's coming together nicely, it's still not quite done, but I was excited to show off our hard work!  Now we just need to find a mirror for over the fireplace, the perfect light fixture over the table and get the corner china cabinet from Michelle's house and (I think) the space will be done!

I am hoping to do a home tour in a few months when things are a little more settled.  Perhaps I will just feature the house room by room.  We have done an insane amount of work in this home in just the four months that we have lived here and we are so pleased with how everything is turning out.

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