Friday, August 7, 2015


It's Friday and I usually regale you with my favorite buys, moments, things from the week but this morning I am too dang tired. Seriously.

Last night I babysit for my sister so she and her husband could go see Kevin Hart. They got home around 12:45 which put me home closer to 2... in the morning. And 2AM is REALLY close to 5AM which is when I have to get up to go to work. I am Le Tired. 

Once Tim and I got over the initial "you're the meanest Tori that I ever did meet" phase, we ended up having a fun night.

pouting because I asked him to clean up the toys he threw at me...

Here are a few things that I learned:
1. Three year old boys are weird.
2. My nephew knows more about dinosaurs than I do about anything.
3. Wine and popsicles go together really well.
4. I am so happy that Natalie goes to bed at 7pm and doesn't know how to ask for ev. er. y. thang. under the sun. Last night after I put Tim to bed he needed to tell me about six different things (most of them were variations of he loved me and would miss me), he needed "just one more minute of snuggles", he would really like "just one tiny sip of water" and on three separate occasions, he needed to pee. And each time, that kid actually peed. I couldn't even be mad about it.

Happy Friday, y'all. Here's to hoping I survive the day and can sleep in tomorrow. HA!
What a silly little thought...

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