Monday, July 27, 2015

weekend wrap-up

Can we just talk about the fact that somehow we just had the last weekend of July already? I cannot believe how quickly that month went by! It was a busy month and this was quite a busy weekend!  Prepare for a ridiculous photo dump post.

Saturday morning we had a very brief visit from Brandon's parents as they brought down their dining room table and chairs.  Lori is getting her our dream farmhouse table which meant they were getting rid of their dining room set. Brandon and I jumped at the chance to scoop that table and fill some of the empty space in our home.  I have always loved Lori's dining room set and am excited to have a Wilkinson family piece in our home. It fits perfectly and I cannot wait to show off the room when it's finally done!

someone was as excited as Mama about getting new furniture :)

Sharing donuts with Farge :)
After our visit with Brandon's parents, we headed to Zac's first birthday party. Natalie was a little overwhelmed by the number of people there, but she handled it well once she found Jordan's dog.  Poor Lacey.  Jordan did such a great job decorating the house.  Everything was adorable and perfectly in theme.  She is super crafty and talented and does not give herself nearly enough credit.  She throws a great party.  It was nice to get a chance to visit with Jordan's parents who were in town. I absolutely adore them.  Her mom is a total hoot.  After many of the guests left, Nat and Zac had a chance to really play and it was precious.

Sunday meant leftover donut holes for breakfast which Natalie thought was the greatest thing ever.  We made our typical trip to Target and spent the afternoon playing outside with the water table.  Natalie worked on perfecting her side-eye. She's getting too good at it.  

seriously. the sass.

She has discovered the arm chairs at the dining room table and is obsessed with sitting in them even though she knows she is not supposed to. She loves to push buttons and see how far she can push us. It's hard not to laugh sometimes.  She put her little feet on the table and quickly learned that's a no-go, but my God does that girl tests her limits with her father. 

We did not escape the weekend without a few meltdowns.  I had to photograph this one because it killed me. She was crying because she couldn't move the chair that her chair was blocking. Bless her every loving heart. 

However, that sums up how I feel about the fact that it's Monday.  Here's to hoping it's a good week and that everyone had a great weekend!

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