Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday: Making Progress

Today I am linking up with Home of Malones and East Coast Chic for Thoughts for Thursday!  At the beginning of the month, I was talking about all of the things I felt needed to be done in order for us to get more settled.  Slowly but surely over the course of the month, Brandon and I have been making our way through the list and getting things done.  

Here is the original list and this is what we've done:

  • Moved toys out of #2s room, with the exception of the exer-saucer 
  • Moved bookcases into the basement tv room (and I love them there!)
  • Moved Nat's toys from basement into the playroom. However, we did move her car down there since it's bigger and my co-worker gave her a princess tent that her girls had outgrown that she absolutely LOVES!
  • Removed toys from living room, with the exception of her little table and two puzzles (which we rotate) because it looks adorable in front of the window.
  • Purchased window dressings for dining room and I CANNOT wait to get them up!
  • We moved the chest from the main space into the kitchen where the dining room table was. I love it there but I am still on the lookout for something else for either there or the basement nook to create a serving bar.
  • The hammock is officially outside in it's forever home.
  • Brandon's parent brought the dining room set last weekend and I am loving how it fills the space!
  • After a few (hopefully) quick appointments tomorrow morning, Brandon and I will be painting the living room gray!  I am BEYOND excited for this!

I think we're making progress!  We still have to get the corner china cabinet from Michelle, hang a mirror over the fireplace, paint the wood paneling and give the brick in the foyer a face lift but we're getting there.  Slowly but surely our home is coming together! 

Thoughts for Thursday