Wednesday, July 8, 2015

our day in numbers

Sorry for the radio silence over here. It's been a crazy few days with Natalie. Monday we had a good day and I went to bed feeling sad that I have to work and send her back to daycare next week. Tuesday she was queen sourpuss and today, well today I earned my glass of wine and debated making a paperchain countdown until Monday and then the guilt of feeling that way consumed me so I decided I earned two glasses of wine. 

Here is what our day looked like by the numbers:

0: the number of naps taken today. 

3: the number of words in Natalie's new favorite phrase "let me go" which she waits to use at the top of her lungs and only if we are in crowded public places.

6: the number of meltdowns we had today... before noon. 

8: the number of people who gave me nasty looks as my child had a meltdown in the parking lot, effectively making me feel about 4 inches tall.

17: the number of crayons I picked up off the floor over the course of the day.

34: the number of minutes it took me to get my daughter in her carseat after lunch today.

584: the number of times today I questioned if I could be a stay at home mom or not.

Needless to say, it's been a long day over here and one that warranted a nice warm hot bath to detox while praying that tomorrow is a better day. Please for the love of God let tomorrow be a better day.