Wednesday, July 22, 2015

one year: four big changes

It has been a big year for the Wilkinsons. And while, yes, 2015 itself has been a big year so far, I am actually referring to the last 365 days.  What a wild ride it has been.  We have had four big changes in the last year and I think all of them are pretty exciting.

Our first big change came in September of 2014.  Brandon accepted a teaching position within the county. This was a big change.  It meant no more carpool breakfast dates.  It meant, essentially, seeing Brandon about two hours less a day than I was used to.  And it meant splitting up our daycare drop-off/pick-up responsibilities.  He was probably thrilled to end our morning commutes together. This has been an incredible opportunity for him and I am so proud of all that he has accomplished.

Our second big change came in March when we moved into our new house.  Moving had not really been on our radar but it was a very pleasant surprise.  While we both miss things about our townhouse, we know that our new home is where we are supposed to be.  Not long after we moved in, Brandon and I were talking about the house we picked.  I confessed that I wasn't 100% certain it was the house but I was tired of looking at houses and the home sale/home buying process. It had everything we wanted (2 full baths, 4 bedrooms, a big yard, etc) and it could be the house, but I just wasn't sure.  Now, we are so completely in love with our home and we know we made the right decision. 

The third big change was the new daycare.  Natalie had been with her previous daycare for 10 months.  Ms. S was the only person to watch Natalie who was not genetically related to us.  We were sad to end our relationship with her, but knew we didn't have a choice because of the incident.  We quickly found Ms. C and fell in love with her! The new daycare has been a welcome change and one that everyone has adapted to quickly!

The final big change is one for me.  Now that it is posted on our practice website and all the proper people have been informed, I can share the news.  After five years, I am leaving my position at SGF.  It was such a hard decision to come by but I think this new adventure will be a good one for me.  I have accepted a position at an area cancer center doing a mostly administrative position.  I will miss the patient care aspect of things; however, it will be refreshing to be in a position where I will be using my degree :) I was anxious about starting something new, but Brandon put it so perfectly.  If our little girl could start somewhere new and thrive, so can I!

What a dang 365 days it has been for our little family.  Each of us starting a new adventure of our own while also starting a new chapter of our lives in our new home.  It will be exciting to see what happens in the next 365 days!