Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Favorites

Jumping right into things this morning...

1. Dirty Chai. I had never in my life heard of this but now I am in love and am consuming one riiiight meow.  I was at Starbucks on Monday morning and I guess I looked a little worse for the wear. My FAVORITE barista in the world, Alice, I guess took notice and while making my chai asked if I had ever had a dirty chai. It's a chai with a shot of espresso. I had not - I had not even heard of it! She said "this one is on me, happy Monday" and I couldn't help but be happy. 1 because the drink was delicious and 2 because there are good thoughtful people out there in the least expected places. 

2. Our new daycare.  Don't get me wrong, I loved our old daycare. She was an incredibly nurturing woman and I am sad about how things ended with her; however, I am thrilled with how the first week has gone with our new daycare. Natalie is thriving!  She has picked up some new words and made a new friend. I am feeling very relieved that things are going as well as they are!

3. New-old purse organizer. My MIL gave me the above purse organizer from QVC [similar here] a few years ago and I loved it.  But then I went through a wristlet phase and left it in the purse I had been using.  I was looking through purses earlier this week for a gift card that I thought might have been tucked away and found the purse organizer instead.  It was like Christmas. I forgot all about the gift card (which I really need to keep looking for) and spent about twenty minutes re-organizing my purse. I am in love all over again!

4. This quote.  It's funny how you find things like this at just the right times.

It's a short list since it's been a crazy week and I am so happy it's finally over.  I am looking forward to a girl's night with my friends from work and a fun weekend full of farmers markets, shoe shopping for the mini and maybe some rainy day baking :) 

Happy Weekending, y'all!

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