Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Favorites

What a dang week.  As I mentioned previously, we had a little SNAFU with daycare and had to share that responsibility for the last three weeks until we found a new one.  Thankfully, we found a new one and Natalie will start there next week.  We think this is a very exciting change for our little family and only anticipate good things!

1. Taco Tuesday, Target and Tantrums. How are these three things related?  Well, on Monday night Brandon and I realized that we needed taco supplies. Brandon graciously offered to pick them up on his way home from work the next day, but I foolishly insisted that Natalie and I take care of it. After a failed attempt in the morning to get her in the car for lunch downtown to celebrate my friend Caitlin's birthday, I made a second attempt that afternoon. She was perfect. We got into Target and picked up odds and ends and then it was time to get down to business. As we turned from the bread aisle into the taco aisle, all hell broke loose. She started screaming. I grabbed taco supplies and threw them into the cart.  I did not want to be banned for life from the Target with wine. I basically sprinted to the milk fridge, when Natalie saw it she began mooing at the top of her lungs.  Good God get me out of this store. She mooed until we made it to check out where the lovely teenager ringing us up observed that we "must really like tacos".  In my blind panic, I went a little overboard on the taco supplies... we'll be good until mid-August.

2. Farmers Market. On Wednesday we went to lunch with my friend Jordan at the Farmers Market by work.  I have been wanting to check it out for quite some time now - like two months.  It's every Wednesday and it's so cute.  It has fresh fruits and veggies, fresh flowers and food trucks.  Jordan and I have decided we need to go more often.  It might replace my Starbucks addiction since Starbucks is raising their prices... again. 

3. Hank.  Good gracious that dog is so patient and loving.  So many people questioned my sanity when I said we were absolutely not getting rid of him because I was pregnant. He was my first baby and he has been so good with Natalie. He has been such a wonderful companion to her this week and I am forever grateful that he lets her have her way with him.

4. Birthdays. Wednesday my best friend Caitlin celebrated her 27th birthday!  I am so blessed to have her as a friend and Natalie is one lucky little girl to have her in her life! While I am bummed I did not get to celebrate with her this week, I know we'll get to celebrate soon!

5. Natalie. She has been an absolute spitfire stink pot this week. She has really kept me on my toes. She has been mean and cranky and nasty but sweet and funny and silly. This week was another big reminder of just how young my baby really is. Sometimes I wonder if we're ready for another baby but this week gave me my answer: Nope. I know a pregnancy is 9 months and she will grow up a lot during that time but I think I need more time before I can make the leap. I need to be able to focus my energy on Nat for awhile longer.

Hope everyone has big fun weekend plans! Today is my Monday and Friday at work so my sense of timing is really thrown off. I haven't planned a single thing for this weekend and I think it might be better that way!

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