Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Favorites

1. Sangria + Tapas.  Last Friday I went out to dinner with my high school girlfriends. I had forgotten just how much I love La Tasca. There are few things better than sitting around, drinking sangria, eating yummy food and gabbing with your girlfriends on a cool summer night. 

2. Two Men & a Baby Daycare. Natalie has had the time of her life this past week with Brandon and his brother Evan. She has both Daddy and Unkie wrapped around her little finger. Brandon would probably kill me if he knew I put this picture up :)

3. Pre-bedtime dance parties. Every night this week Natalie has insisted upon listening to "you make loving you easy" by ZBB and dancing before bedtime.  It's adorable the way she squeals with delight as the song comes on; however, I am pretty sure Brandon would be happy if we didn't have to hear the album again for awhile :)

4. Nandos + Best Friends. Yesterday was hell. I have spent the entire week working on a presentation that my boss is taking to the UK. We had three days to do what normally takes a week because thanks to daycare isssues, I won't be in next week. With an hour to tidy up the presentation for final review, the network at work went down. Jordan saw my distress and suggested we get out of the building before I cried the ugly cry. Jordan treated me to a full of carby happiness lunch at Nandos. With a full belly and a happy heart, I was able to start from scratch and just about finish the presentation. I'll have to bring Nat into the office next week to finish things up. 

Hope everyone has fun and exciting things planned for the 4th! We're excited for more time with Unkie, good homemade BBQ and sparklers! Plus, the miss has some cute outfits planned! Follow along with us on instagram!

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